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Thank you for choosing Gun Lord’s™ as your local Federal Firearms Licensed Dealer to complete your firearm transfer.

You must submit one transfer form for each firearm.

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In order to make this a seamless process please tell us a little about where your firearm is coming from.

Whos the FFL sending your firearm to us?
Phone number of the FFL sending your firearm
Tracking and carrier name your FFL used to send your firearm to Gun Lords
Name of the person in charge and aware of the transfer in your FFL
What's the make and model of the firearm?
Confirming customer's identity
DDL# of the customer
Home Address of the customer using USPS format
Email address of the customer?
Customer's CCW #
We will contact you to confirm this date and time.
Please agree to the transfer fee payable at the time of pick up.
You must have an Arizona ID in order to be able to pick up your firearm at Gun Lords
Electronically sign by printing your full name. Time, Date and IP will automatically be recorded.

Once we have this information we can verify the license of the dealer. Then when your purchase arrives we will contact you via email to set-up an appointment to come in a pick-up it up. Please bring in your driver’s license or other valid government-issued photo identification including military ID. Expect 15 to 30 minutes for paperwork and to run the background check depending on the current volume of inquiries on FBI's website.

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